In addition to being an exhibiting artist, Kijana also provides artistic workshops for adults and youth.

Adult Workshops

Adult workshops allow participants to explore their creativity while providing a release from daily stresses. These workshops include painting, writing, and even publishing!

Youth Workshops

Youth workshops allow the children to explore and use unconventional materials and methods to create beautiful pieces of art. Some of the past projects have included using recyclables to create an African mask, paper to make jewelry, and canvas paintings to make a robe.

If you’re interested in a successful and unique way to fundraise, consider having Kijana teach a creative writing program for you which includes a published book with the participants’ writings.

An example of the books created and published by Kijana for the South Dallas Cultural Center are here. Please feel free to purchase to support a great cause!

The workshops are customized to meet each client’s needs and are available for special events, summer camps, Spring break, or throughout the year. Contact Kijana to discuss.

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  • Joseph Robe
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  • Joseph's story mural painting
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  • Dan Mask - Spring Break
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